Fun in the sun

Lake Havasu Now Magazine

Founder & OWNER

Johnny Havasu

Imagine palm trees, a lake of blues and turquoise, sandy beaches and bars, and a constant shimmering sun. This is the making of a tiny paradise nestled and loved in the Mohave Desert. I thought how cool it would be to share Lake Havasu’s beauty in a positive, fun way.
With all the events and photo opportunities, I wanted to create a visual magazine with a positive impact. It is a place where part-time residents, visitors, and dreamers can see Lake Havasu all year round from anywhere. Lake Havasu, where sunrises and sunsets appear and disappear, warm weathered boaters gather only to be followed by snowbirds.
No matter your interests, Lake Havasu promises fun. Local events will capture your attention one way or another, and sometimes multiple gatherings to make your weekend a sure win.
If events aren’t your thing, then maybe cocktails by the lake, photography, or offroading with friends and family is. Whatever your flavor, Havasu will win your heart, and you will want to return.
Lake Havasu Now has taken a few years to grow, but we now have an incredible, positive, visual storytelling group. I am constantly amazed by our member’s continued support of other people and their perception as seen through their camera lenses.
Lake Havasu Now Magazine is dedicated to everyone who shared, liked and commented on our community’s posts. You have genuinely shown just how wonderful Lake Havasu’s life is! We’ll see you on the lake,
John Bookey


Meet Our Talented Team

The Team


This would be me if it were me. I carry a tablet of paper with me, a computer if possible, and usually something to take pictures with, a phone or camera where ever I go. I don’t mind quiet space where I can untangle my mind and start formulating characters for my next story. I am a graphics & web designer, writer, artist and a part photographer. 

Office Assistant

Johnny Cash is more about playing and sleeping in the office. He gets very little work done, usually causing me to stop working, but is indeed the office kitty! Cash is a Lake Havasu rescue kitty and makes every day a fun day!

To our deepest sadness, we lost Johnny Cash to a Massive Heart Attack in April of this year. He was not even 3 yet. He came here not for a long time but certainly for a good time. We loved him more than words can say and miss him every minute of every day. 

However, we knew we needed to save another and so we did with Miss Sassy K. 

Office Assistant
Miss Sassy K

Miss Sassy K came from WAHS at 7 months old. She entered into our home a scared little girl but with much love and caring, she has turned out to be quite a character. Like Cash, she loves office time, though some of that time warrants a little playing and sleeping. Recently she’s discovered my curser on the computer screen and will sit and watch , occasionally reaching out to swat it.  

Like Cash, she think’s every day is a fun day. A true Lake HAvasu Now Kitty. 

Team Facebook

We have an amazing Facebook group who loves this little place called Lake Havasu just as much as we do. They all take amazing photographs and are so supportive to those who share. I honestly feel, our Facebook group is a part of our team.