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Wake the Lake
Wake the Lake with LAKE HAVASU NOW
Super Cat Fest
Super Cat Fest 2024
Rockabilly Reunion 2024
Rockabilly Reunion 2024
Desert Storm 2024
Desert Storm 2024
Buses by the Bridge
Buses by the Bridge 2024 LAKE HAVASU
Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu
Balloon Festival 2024
Road Runners Comeback
Welcome Back Road Runner
Classic Performance Spring Regatta
Classic Performance Spring Regatta
Lake Havasu London Bridge Channel

No Bad Days Lake Havasu

Welcome to Havasu Now online Magazine, your go-to destination for embracing the spirit of fun in the sun and fostering a positive attitude. We celebrate the vibrant lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes of Lake Havasu and its surrounding areas. From the golden sands to the shimmering waters, Havasu Now captures the essence of this picturesque region through captivating photography, engaging stories, and insightful content.

At Havasu Now, we believe in showcasing the endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation along the Colorado River and its environs. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping water sports, tranquil lakeside retreats, or exploring the rich cultural heritage of the region, our magazine is your trusted companion.

Looking to delve deeper into our past issues? You can easily access our archive of magazines online, where each edition is meticulously curated to offer a timeless glimpse into the essence of Lake Havasu and its vibrant community. Explore our rich collection of articles, photos, and features that encapsulate the beauty, excitement, and charm of this beloved destination.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and endless summer vibes. Experience the magic of Lake Havasu and beyond with Havasu Now online Magazine – where every page invites you to embrace the joy of living life to the fullest.

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Flying Lake Havasu

Take a ride with Lake Havasu Now as we spend a day flying over the Colorado River from Laughlin to Lake Havasu.

Looking at Lake Havasu

Desert Storm

Enjoy the various events that took place in Lake Havasu. If you haven’t been to Desert Storm here’s your chance to see it in 2024. Desert Storm is one event you don’t want to miss. 

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Enjoy the various events that took place in Lake Havasu. Those wanting to take to the sand can enjoy Rhon Herndon’s stories and photo’s taken out in the Mohave desert. 

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London Bridge Channel

If you don’t have a boat don’t le that stop you. Rent a paddle board and cruise the Bridge Water Channel.

Go Paddle Boarding

2022 Regattas & Poker Runs

From Regattas and Poker Runs to Off-Roading in the desert. You’ll find plenty to look at in this edition.

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For the Love of Paddleboarding

Grab your Paddleboards and come with us on Lake Havasu and in the Bridgewater Channel.

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